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The nation has entered a dangerous phase in its historical development from which there may be no return.

As the corporate-consumerist juggernaut that now defines the nation rolls over us, the very factors that once propelled America to greatness—extreme individualism, territorial and economic expansion, and the pursuit of material wealth—are, paradoxically, the nails in our collective coffin. Within a few decades, the United States may very well end up marginalized on the world stage, its hegemony replaced by China or the European Union.

Liberals have been comparing Trump to Hitler for the past four years, but he never censored free speech. They did. Trump never used the media to silence his political opposition. They did. Trump never threatened to put people who disagree with him politically into “re-education camps.” They did.

With Biden in office, the United States is just one terrorist attack away from becoming a police state. Yet, the democrats want to defund the police. The time has come for us to scrutinize our society and its ills; to close the gap between America’s self-image and ridiculous delusions cherished by half the population.

As it stands, we are in the midst of anti-democracy, ruled by an elite group of wealthy, powerful people. We’re suffering from an extreme income gap between the wealthy, powerful ruling class and the rest of society. We are hammered by misinformation and ignorance among large portions of the population. The soul of our nation suffers under religious zealotry. And our freedoms are slowly being torn away by racist nationalism. 

At fault are the hedonistic trickery of pop culture, slavishly worshipped by sheeple interested in following the latest fads in music, Hollywood films and video games, while putting on more and more weight. These masses are kept in a form of bureaucratically processed slavery, constantly lulled into complacency while being manipulated by marketing techniques that rob them of individualism and truth.

Our wealth is slowly being shifted from individual/family control to bank and bureaucratic control. Instead of being served by economic processes, we are continuously misled into an atavistic process of becoming a Third World economy.

The Biden Effect

Once the dollar finally crashes, it will merely confirm what is already in development under the Biden regime. No amount of patriotism can stay the hubrisof 2021’s new empire of exceptionalism, and of total economic and monocultural overreach. Unless we maintain our cultural ties to the truth of what Lincoln once essayed of America as “the government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth,” we too shall be doomed to amnesia and forgetfulness that will slowly begin our descent into the dark ages.

The failure to deal with this new, bloated democratic government, and the profligate use of it in missions for which it is hopelessly inappropriate, will assuredly condemn the United States to a devastating trio of consequences: — Imperial Overstretch, Perpetual War, and Insolvency, ultimately leading us toward a collapse not unlike the former Soviet Union.

America’s collapse can only be conceived of as a slow, planned descent rather a singular moment of catastrophic destruction. This will consist of the collapse of finance, consumerism and politics-as-usual. The job ahead for those with open eyes is clear. Every conceivable effort must be made to rekindle the fire of democracy.

Rebellion in the 21st Century will need to think quick, be mobile, network, be flexible and open: the ability to act and react swiftly. This rebellion must hold strong against the shambles of a faltering democratic tyranny that is in its final stages of eclipse.

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